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About me

I am Cliscent T Horsfall but everyone calls me Giimann. I am a 3D Artist from an architectural background, with a Bachelor of Architecture and an MSc Architecture Degree in Computing and Design from the University of East London.

I have always enjoyed drawing and making things ever since I was a kid. At University, I was the resident model maker. I used to create physical architectural models for my colleagues and small architecture firms. Once I discovered 3D I was hooked and started building models digitally. I started selling 3D assets in 2002 as I had a few models that I had created during my research and study of 3D applications like 3ds Max, MicroStation and Blender. My models seemed to be quite popular and sold really well, so I decided to take on creating digital assets as a profession.

Artistic focus

I have been a freelance artist/visualiser for over 15 years. The cool thing about selling digital assets and working as a visualizer is that you get to build up a library of digital assets that are relevant and potentially good sellers.

My best-selling digital assets are architecture: buildings and cityscapes. I guess my work has been used in quite a lot of projects as I have been selling models for a long time. They pop up on TV now and again. I’ve seen my models on “The Orville” S1 Episode 1 on Fox Network, “Pandora” S1 Episode 1 on SyFy, in a Mercedes Benz Commercial, the MTV VMA Awards, book covers (Robopocalypse) and the TV show “Heroes”. Most of the models were used as backdrops, feature buildings, or simulated environments.


I price my work based on the time it takes me to create and publish it, uniqueness of design, demand, and the number of similar models already published by other artists.

Unique designs are usually more expensive and more fun to make, so I try to stand out.


I promote my work on Facebook groups, Twitter, ArtStation, Instagram, and on my personal website.

Why Sketchfab?

I had no idea how incredible the Sketchfab platform was until I started actively publishing my models on it. I was blown away by the ease of use, interactivity, and power! It is, in my opinion, the best platform for publishing digital content. I also use it as a visualization and color composition tool when I make my designs in different applications, like Gravity Sketch VR, Houdini, and, sometimes, 3ds Max. 1-click! I love it!

The ability to publish your models and view them in 3D instantly—without having to add tech details because Sketchfab does that for you—zero need for tedious rendering of 360 turntables as it is automatic on Sketchfab, real-time lighting, PBR texturing and colouring on the go, assets that are editable at any time without having to re-publish, some really cool post-production tools, and HDRI lighting all make this platform my #1.

I look forward to publishing and selling more of my models on Sketchfab!

Good opportunities for new assets in the future

Real-time digital assets are very popular. I anticipate huge growth in the demand for AR compatible digital assets as these assets can be used by the average Joe with no knowledge of 3D. This is opening up a new market and revenue stream in my opinion. I look forward to a future when you can change the look of your entire physical environment by just putting on a pair of interactive glasses…. Or contacts! 😉

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