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Hi there, my name is Roman Busel and I am Lead Guy at ZugZug Studio. I have been engaged in 3D for more than 10 years.

I’m really in love with the stylized and hand painted style of art for video games, especially when it is done in fantasy and medieval themes.


I started my career by working in small video game companies and gradually moved up. After four years in 3D, I already worked in one of the biggest mobile games companies, but that was not enough for me and I always wanted to do Art that I really loved. So I left one of the biggest companies in mobile games and opened my own studio, “ZugZug Studio”. We are focusing on 3D art content outsourcing for Mobile, PC and Console games and when we have free time we are working on new assets for stores. The next step is to make my own game 😉

I also want to thank my friend Kaspars Pavlovskis and his studio “Polysquid Studio” for their support and motivation to move forward and never stop working. They are also making awesome assets, check it for yourself!

And don’t forget to check our webpage too. 😉

Asset Creation

I started working on content for 3D stores in the moment I realized that I wanted to create an art style that I really loved and that I needed some financial freedom to do that. 3D stores allowed me to do both of these things! I could create assets in my favorite style, earn some cash and make my customers happy. Just Perfect! 🙂

To choose how to make my next asset, I often look at what is trending. But I will not sacrifice myself and do what I do not like, so these trends should really be the stuff that I like by myself.

Then it is a real pleasure to work on those assets.


Most of the time my assets are used by indie game developers. Some of these games were really successful and were able to achieve good sales on the Nintendo and Steam stores. Others had successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns. Sometimes my assets were used for education in 3D art classes.

I’ll leave here a couple of links to games that used a lot of our assets.

Pricing and Promotion

Our asset prices are a hundred times less than a custom work request from our clients. The price should be affordable for everyone, and not more expensive than a delicious lunch in a cafe. 😉

I share each new artwork on Facebook art related groups, Twitter, Instagram, Polycount and Unity3D forums. I think that promotion on those platforms helps to bring new followers and customers 😉

Sketchfab Store

I think Sketchfab is a great 3D Store! I like it because you can follow people and we already have over 3k+ followers. Our followers are getting notifications about our new works and that way they can see our novelties in the store. The ability to view assets in the 3D Viewer makes this store even more awesome!

On Sketchfab most of the time I am using the classic renderer and have a FOV of about 55-60. I always include 3 light sources and I adore camera effects such as SSAO, Sharpness, and Vignette.

I will always upload my new assets to Sketchfab and I recommend it to everyone!

Never give up, never stop, do what you like, bring people benefits, and have fun! And some cash for yourself. hehe 😉


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