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We will be publishing a monthly overview of the most popular models in the Sketchfab community from now on. This month game art is ruling our top 10.

If you’d like to earn a place in this overview next month, then be sure to share your work everywhere you can and earn those likes!

#10: Hand Painted Axe by nick.duarte01

#9: Secret Artifact Lab Room by Veyratom

#8: Nanotyrannus lancensis (young T-Rex) by shadows44

#7: Razus by LaryKummer

#6: Forest Tiki by IgorCastilho

#5: iPhone 6 Plus by Mestaty

#4: Samus by Octokitty

#3: Sellsword Dark by JGfab

#2: SnowStorm Mirana by Anuxinamoon

September’s most popular model: Cathedral by patrix on Sketchfab

– Bart


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