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Not all graphics cards are made equal. Processing power and the amount of available memory vary wildly, especially if you add mobile devices to the mix.

Texture maps are affected the most: one single 4k texture map already takes up 90MB of graphic card memory and most models use multiple texture maps.

Until now, we always took a cautious solution: low-powered devices would always serve low-resolution textures, even if they might be able to display a higher quality.

With the introduction of our new texture quality button we put YOU back in control! We will still default to a texture resolution that we think is the best mix of performance and quality. But if you want, you can now override it.

A word of warning: use this feature wisely on mobile devices – not all devices and browsers may be able to handle the HD option.

Try out the new HD button on the models below, enjoy 🙂

Also, this week’s release added support for shadow casting by alpha masks. For an example and a full overview of this week’s changes, check out the change log on the forum.


by hiboufang
on Sketchfab


Minotaur Color Bake Test
by ralph_sutter
on Sketchfab

– Bart


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