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Asset packs are a great way to optimize your sales by providing a lot of value for buyers. Additionally, making a bundle of models saves time when uploading as you only need to adjust 3D settings once for all your items!

In this article, we share a few simple strategies to follow when uploading and selling 3D asset packs.

sketchfab store file types

We’ll be using a simple Barricades & Signs pack created using Blender and Substance Painter as an example.

File naming conventions

When it comes to selling multiple 3D models for use by others, make sure that your naming conventions are consistent. Content creators are more multidisciplinary than ever, frequently working with different software nomenclatures and managing complicated file conversions. By establishing clear and standard naming systems for your files, you reduce the time your buyers spend integrating the assets into their favorite creative package.

sketchfab store file names

A good strategy is to name your objects according to their physical form or function. This extra effort makes it easy for your customers to identify specific files inside game engines and operating systems that don’t support smart thumbnail previews.

Viewer settings

Displaying your model successfully is not as simple as knowing the technical parameters of the Sketchfab viewer. Experiment with settings to make your asset pack pop.

Understanding color harmony can be very useful when choosing a lighting setup that makes your model’s silhouette stand out in search results.

sketchfab store 3d editor

In this case, since the major color present on these industrialized barricades is orange, the stylized and cartoony mood can be accentuated by choosing an HDR with warm tones. We selected an HDR that has a lot of green coverage and used the color balance filter to manually tweak the mid-tones until we achieved pinkish ambient occlusion shadows.

Less is More. Strategically selecting filters to apply to your asset pack helps optimize performance and minimize loading time. So don’t be afraid of experimenting until you find that golden combination of parameters.

Including additional files

Another great tip for Sellers that want to up their game on the Store is to under-promise and over-deliver. You can do that easily by providing the buyer with extra support or documentation content.

sketchfab store additional files

Using the ‘Additional file’ option in the Properties panel, you can include .zip versions of any file you want! For example, you could include the original high-poly and low-poly meshes alongside .spp files. This simple addition would allow professionals who need to re-bake or re-texture your product to easily modify it to their specifications. Including useful extra files will impress potential customers who land on your model pages.

The final result (shown above) was set to a Standard license and made available on the Sketchfab Store for $9.99.

We hope these tips come in handy and help you display your assets at their best. For more great tips, check out our Seller Success Handbook.

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