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Our friends at CGCookie have launched a new and improved version of the Blender Market today.

The Blender Market offers over 600 models, tools, add-ons and more for the open-source 3D creation software Blender which is understandably popular among our community at Sketchfab. The platform allows Blender artists, makers and programmers to share their work and get paid for their efforts.

While Blender has and always will be free, by allowing artists and developers to sell assets through the market, the team at CG Cookie have not only created a catalyst for growth and interest in Blender, but have also donated over $20,000 to the Blender Development Fund, helping the Blender team to continue to provide an incredible tool for anyone looking to investigate 3D creation.

The best part? The marketplace supports the Sketchfab player, which is a great way to show off your work and encourage sales.

Here’s an example Blender asset from artist Luc Scheller using the Sketchfab player to show off his work:


So what are you waiting for? Upload your work to Sketchfab, add a link to the Blender Market in your model description and don’t forget to add an embed to your Blender Market page.

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Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers

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  • Feels like there is a new Sketchfab integration blogpost every day! Good to see you guys keep growing! 😀
    I especially like the Blender Market intergation since this has become my favourite place to get quality Blender addons (besides Gumroad).
    Maybe now it’ll become a place to sell some of my work, too 😉

  • Avatar SaphireS says:

    Wow this is beyond awesome! 😀

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