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This announcement is out of date, and some information is deprecated. You can find up-to-date information about Integrations in the Help Center.

Just following our news on our Indiegogo integration, we’re happy to announce that Sketchfab has just been integrated on Linkedin. You may have a 3D portfolio on your personal website and on Sketchfab, and now you can also have it right inside your Linkedin profile! That’s the most professional way to showcase your actual 3D skills to a possible employer or client.


Embedding on Linkedin is super easy and you’ll be able to showcase your projects to all your connections in full interactive 3D glory. Here is how a 3D gallery on your Linkedin profile can look:


Here’s how to do it:

1. Upload your model to Sketchfab.

2. Copy the model URL from the address bar.

3. When editing your Linkedin profile, go to the section “Summary” or “Experience”, click on the square with a plus sign – just next to edit. Then click on “Add link”.


This will appear just below :


4. Paste our URL in “add a link”, add a title and a description :


5. Be amazed as the model appears on your Linkedin profile 🙂

So now, if anyone clicks on a thumbnail, he will get this: Sketchfab embeds directly on your Linkedin profile:


We hope you will enjoy this new feature, and, as always, feel free to send us examples and give us feedback!


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  • Avatar Brent says:

    Is there a way, or will there be in the future, to embed via a single post (or update) within Linkedin?

    I guess I’m thinking it might be especially useful when a contact shares the post. One less click for a contact of a contact, I suppose.

  • Avatar Dan Moyer says:

    I have successfully added sketchfab content to linkedin, and for a while it was great, but now none of it has thumbnails. Any idea how to fix this?

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