SIGGRAPH Reveals: Subsurface Scattering and Scene Inspector

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We’ve unveiled two exciting new features at SIGGRAPH this year that will be available to Sketchfab community members very soon. Stay tuned for launch details.

Subsurface Scattering

A feature that many have you requested; we are proud to unveil support for subsurface scattering, sometimes known as SSS. Subsurface scattering simulates the effect of light as it enters translucent materials like skin, ceramics, wax, or milk, as light enters the surface of the material, and is scattered (hence the name). It’s a phenomenon most of us are accustomed to seeing when holding our hand up to a bright light, where the edges of our fingers appear to glow as light passes through them.

The effect is often subtle but critical to giving a more realistic appearance. Here’s an example in action:

Use ALT/OPTION plus your mouse to change the rotation of the environment to better see the effect on skin as light conditions change. On mobile devices, drag with three finger touch.

We’ll have more detailed information to share soon, but you can see from the panels on the left-hand side of this view of our online editor that we have a very comprehensive SSS solution allowing you maximum flexibility with your work:

Scene Inspector

We’ve also significantly upgraded the ability to share and understand the material, texture, and topology make up of Sketchfab scenes with our new Scene Inspector.

The Scene Inspector, accessible through the Sketchfab player’s UI wherever it is embedded will allow you to more closely examine aspects of a scene, including a breakdown of all PBR textures, normal maps, ambient occlusion, cavity maps and many more. Wireframe topology views, a UV checker view to visualize UV stretching and even 2D views of the textures and topology used in your scene round out a comprehensive new tool.

The Scene Inspector is a great way to show off the quality of your workflow or to learn more about how other creators have approached their work.

Stay tuned

We’ll have plenty more information to share on both new features, so stay tuned for release dates and more soon.


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