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Sketchfab’s goal is to make 3D accessible so that anyone can publish and find 3D content online. With our community of over 7 million members and a vast content library that offers both free Creative Commons-licensed models and royalty-free Sketchfab Store assets, we are at the center of the 3D ecosystem.

Now, we are pleased to announce that we are using NVIDIA Omniverse, a powerful 3D design collaboration platform built on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD), to enable creators to easily find and import free and purchased USD models from Sketchfab into their Omniverse projects.

Red car wreck” by matousekfoto is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

Open formats

We are big proponents of open file formats and the flexible interoperability that they allow. Not only do open formats remain ‘future-ready’ as 3D graphics continue to develop, but they also allow for consistent rendering of 3D models across different software and platforms. Additionally, USD is used for app-free AR on iOS.

Having implemented automatic USDZ file conversion in 2020 and upload support for USD formats in 2021, all downloadable content—nearly 1 million models—on Sketchfab is available in USDZ format and ready to be imported into NVIDIA Omniverse.

Sketchfab and NVIDIA Omniverse

Sketchfab has always endeavoured to integrate with as many platforms and services as possible (see our many exporters and importers), and NVIDIA Omniverse provides a huge leap in connecting creative communities together.

Creators who are making their work available for download under Creative Commons licenses or selling them on the Sketchfab Store want their work to be seen, used, and reused—Sketchfab’s connection to the NVIDIA Omniverse offers new avenues for their 3D models to be found and sourced by other creators.

Are you using NVIDIA Omniverse? Let us know how Sketchfab fits into your workflow.

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