Sketchfab and Allegorithmic team up to introduce Substance Source

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Today we’re proud to share in the excitement of our friends at Allegorithmic, the folks behind Substance Painter and Substance Designer on the launch of their incredible new resource, Substance Source.

Substance Source is a new online library of physically based materials that uses the power of Sketchfab to allow you to browse and view potential materials in real-time in your browser before downloading them for use with Allegorithmic software.


The Substance Material file download then gives you everything you need to generate infinite variations on that material and includes outputs regardless of whether you follow a Classic, PBR Metallic, Roughness, Specular or Gloss workflow.

An example PBR material:


With texture resolution support up to 4K, access to Substance Source is now included completely free for subscribers to Substance Live Indie and Substance Live Pro. Access to Substance Source can also be purchased with a one-time payment.

Click here to learn more.


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Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers

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  • Wow that looks like a really nice addition to the Substance toolset! :O
    Also adds some features Quixel Suite was previously leading with Megascans. Will definitely take a look when I got the money.

  • Avatar Christian says:

    I cant wait start creating and modeling

  • Avatar Rooxon says:

    Source is making people go crazy; I was online on Discord when they announced Source! 😀 There was like 30mins of non-stop messages and questions and hype about it! 😀

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