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We are so happy to announce that the Sketchfab community has reached 10 million members! But not only that—our vast and varied library of 3D content now contains 5 million models, with 1 million of those models being available for free download under Creative Commons licenses. Every day, we are amazed and inspired by our diverse and talented community. We are grateful for your contributions and enthusiasm as we have continued to grow and improve Sketchfab and its 3D viewer!

To celebrate these exciting milestones, let’s take a look at some of the incredible community-made scenes that you can explore in 3D.

Store community

Our amazing community of sellers have created some outstanding 3D models since the Sketchfab Store launched almost 5 years ago. These artists and their art are powering creative projects all around the globe. We’ve seen everything from hand-painted scenes by one of our Sketchfab Masters, Conrad Justin, to ultra-realistic scans of human hands by Lassi Kaukonen.

Cultural heritage community

Sketchfab’s community of galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and individuals continues to go from strength to strength, sharing insights into cultural and historical subjects through the medium of 3D. From neolithic stone tools by Global Digital Heritage to entire 3D scanned exhibitions by Studio Duckbill, we’ve been amazed at the breadth of cultural and historical subjects that are uploaded each year. Better yet, many are either free to download under a Creative Commons license or dedicated to the public domain.

Scientific community

Scientists, researchers and scientific organizations continue to explore the possibilities for 3D diagrams, digitization, and scientific illustration using Sketchfab. Explore this collection of mind-blowing 3D models and discover a protoplanet collision, a volumetric scan of a human skull, the propagation of a lightning strike, and much more. Community members like ffishAsia-and-floraZia and the University of Dundee, along with Sketchfab Masters Salvatore Orlando, Terrie Simmons-Ehrhardt, and Mieke Roth are leading the way in the use of 3D for engagement and education.

API developers community

Our API developers community is more active than ever. Expert web developer Klaas Nienhuis recently gave community members a thorough introduction to the Viewer API and our forum continues to be the place to share best practices and get API support. Talented developers have made some exciting projects using our Viewer API, including a Techart Porsche 3D Configurator (shown above and developed by Klaas Nienhuis) and numerous projects that are highlighted on our Enterprise Blog. Finally,  we frequently onboard new API development partners from around the globe. With their varied skill sets, they continue to help bring Sketchfab clients’ unique projects to life.

Brands and organizations

Brands use Sketchfab to create a wide range of web-based experiences, including 3D interactive embeds, 3D configurators, and Augmented Reality. 3D and AR help brands to improve their eCommerce experience, their in-store experience, their sales processes, and reach a global audience with virtual tradeshows.

Special thanks

And finally, we would like to extend a very special thank you to wuovo, who concepted and created a commemorative model to celebrate these important milestones. It is always a rewarding and fun experience to work closely with members of our community on projects like this. Explore the scene at the top of the article to get a sense of the marvelous universe of content available on Sketchfab.

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