Sketchfab Design Challenge: An Epic Discovery

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Firewatch Fan Art by tzeshi
on Sketchfab

We’ve teamed up with IT’S ART for a 3D modelling challenge to celebrate their upcoming Master Classes in Paris next month. You can join in person or through a video link to attend sessions by industry veterans from Pixar, Ubisoft and many more. Enter the challenge to win a ticket!

The topic is ‘An Epic Discovery’ and you’re free to decide if that means a scene, a character, or an object. We’ll be looking for awe-inspiring entries that trigger our curiosity and leave us with a sense of wonder.

Contest Rules

  • Submit your entry before Monday, March 2nd.
  • Maintain a ‘Work in Progress’ thread of your project on the Artwork forum.
  • Tag your final models with ‘ITSART’.
  • Winners will be selected by Sketchfab and IT’S ART and will be announced on Wednesday, March 4th.

And what can you win?

  • 1st prize: Full event ticket + 12 months Sketchfab PRO
  • 2nd prize: Video ticket + 6 months Sketchfab PRO
  • 3rd prize: 6 months Sketchfab PRO


– Bart


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