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Hello and welcome to the second in a new series of blog posts that aspire to keep you interested and entertained during a time you may be at home a little more. In these posts we’ll be sharing insights into the Sketchfab platform and community, highlighting interesting models and projects, and signposting 3D collections for you to browse and explore.

Today’s Sketchfab from Home theme is Science & Technology.

The Science Community on Sketchfab

It’s no wonder that thousands of individual scientists and scientific organisations use Sketchfab to illustrate the world around us in 3D – 3D is an incredibly useful medium for explaining and visualizing all manner of objects and concepts.

Wrap your head around the concept of gravitational waves or the crystalline structure of quartz; take a tour of our solar system or an arterial blood vessel—there’s so much to explore! Read on as we highlight 3D models and user accounts…

Some 3D Collections to Explore

Below you will find links to valuable collections of 3D models that you can explore at your leisure. Don’t forget to subscribe to the ones you’re interested in to get updates when new models are added.

How Things Work

One model collection you should not miss has been curated by Sketchfab’s very own Paul Cheyrou-Lagrèze (developer on our 3D Team). Since 2016, Paul has been regularly adding 3D models to his collection How Things Work. You might just learn a thing or two from this playlist of 3D models.

Science in Augmented Reality

3D not only affords new ways to visualize science and technology-related models, it also allows you to view and explore them in new ways, too. Try opening one of the models from the collection below in AR on the Sketchfab App or via iOS AR quick look


Scientific illustrator and Sketchfab Master Mieke Roth has curated a collection of 75+ models that blur the bounds of science and art.


Ex-Sketchfab team member, designer and hacker Maurice Svay has gathered together over 30 top examples that show how data can be better understood in 3D.

Rocks and Minerals

The Museum of Mineralogy and Petrography in Romania has put together this impressive collection of rocks and minerals for you to explore from every angle.

Go Behind the Scenes

We regularly publish Science Spotlights on the Sketchfab Blog and they’re a great way to discover how and why 3D models are captured and created in the pursuit of science.

Sketchfab for Science & Technology in the Press ?

3D visualization has found a perfect niche in communicating scientific knowledge to general and specialist audiences. Here are just a few stories for you to explore that feature Sketchfab 3D:

Science Accounts to Follow

Find some of our favorite scientific accounts on Sketchfab in the list below, but remember: this is just “the tip of the iceberg”—there are hundreds of amazing scientific organisations and individuals to follow on Sketchfab.

Did we miss anything?

Please add your own suggestions for other models or Sketchfab profiles that would make a great addition to this list in the comments.

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