Sketchfab Interview: Lily & Snout Composer, Amir Hedayah

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“Lily & Snout” composer Amir Hedayah took a few minutes out of his incredibly busy schedule to tell us a little bit about himself and his process. Having Amir onboard was a huge win for us. I can’t imagine a more talented guy to help us showcase our new support for sound.

Hey Amir, thanks for your incredible work on “Lily & Snout”. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I’m a film composer, born and raised in Egypt, my connection with music was born with me being a child of a musical family. During my childhood I attended multiple piano, guitar & music theory lessons at Conservatoire de Musique D’Alexandrie (Alexandria, Egypt).

At the age of 16 I moved from Alexandria to Cairo to expand my music business network, and also to attend at Helwan’s University College of Music Education. I started merging with the music industry scene in Cairo, and in about 10 years I became one of the most known film composers in the middle east, scoring multiple feature films, short films, tv programs, tv shows, commercials and games.

In February 2016 I reached online for Animation Mentor offering my services, and I was Incredibly lucky to meet Bobby Beck, ex-pixar and CEO of Animation Mentor and Artella, and above all he is an example for a great man, and life enthusiast  Bobby was incredibly helpful asking me to score the launching video of Artella. Since then, I scored four projects with Bobby including the amazing “Lily & Snout”.

Recently I moved to Los Angeles, and I’m a currently expanding my network here.

What’s the work you are most proud of to date?

I believe the most 3 scores close to my heart are:
“Thistle One” (In Production) Directed by Bobby Beck
“Duel” Directed by Tim Rudder
“Lily & Snout” Directed by Tim Rudder

“Duel” directed by Tim Rudder, music by Amir Hedayah

With Lily & Snout you worked with an international crew. Is that typical for you?

Working with an international crew on Lily & Snout was a great experience although it wasn’t my first time, but it definitely was very special because of the collaboration between Artella and Sketchfab, and also because being a part of a first of a kind is always a challenge.

Can you describe the process you go through when scoring an animated short or film?

The normal process I go through when scoring an animated short film is getting a general idea about the concept and music palette from both the director & producer, and then get a more detailed brief about how they want the score to sound, sometimes there are temp tracks given by the director, and sometimes not, and I was lucky enough to work a 2nd time with the talented director “Tim Rudder” who gave me the complete freedom of choosing the musical style for the score of Lily & Snout.

I always ask for a final locked edit if possible, even if the picture is not rendered, as it requires tremendous effort to edit timings in the score even for a few frames.

Lily & Snout was made in just nine-weeks with very little of that time available to you to compose and time your work. Can you speak to some of the challenges that presented?

Actually I believe a had pretty fair enough time for scoring Lily & Snout, (to what I’m usually used to), what squeezed the time before delivery was that the casted girl for the voice of Lily got sick just before the delivery with a few days, but luckily Bobby could solve it and he recorded his adorable daughter Delilah, sent the files to me, and I cooked them into the soundtrack.

What’s next on the cards for you?

I’m currently so excited about the upcoming animated short “Thistle One” Directed by Bobby Beck.

Where can people learn more about you and hear more of your work?

Through my official website: and through my youtube channel.

Thank you for your time Amir, we’re grateful that you’ve lent your talents to making “Lily & Snout” a huge success.

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