Sketchfab Introduces Screen Space Reflection (SSR)

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Continuing our goal to provide the best possible way to show off your 3D models online, we’re pleased to release a new feature today that will help you create even more life-like real time renders.

Screen Space Reflection (SSR) is now a post-process rendering option for all your 3D models.

Lots of shiny materials in FelixMatveev’s office model help show off the power of SSR:

The effect can be strong or subtle depending on your scene: A common use for the technique is to provide real time reflections of objects that sit on or near shiny surfaces such as glossy walls or wet floors. In these cases the additional post-process will be immediately apparent.

However, any scene with glossy surfaces can benefit. Shiny materials can “self reflect” providing a more natural look. SSR helps to improve specular occlusion adding shadows to parts of models that could not be computed before.

A more subtle benefit can be clearly seen in Jakob_van_damme’s model of an Eames Lounge Chair which reflects itself nicely resulting in more realistic occlusion:


As with all our post-process effects, play with SSR to get a look you like, try not to “over-do” any effect, and remember that each additional effect can be a performance trade-off. Note that there are some limitations given this is a sort of rendering short-cut. Only geometry visible from the camera can be computed for example.

You’ll find the new setting in the Post Processing tab of our 3D settings:

We can’t wait to see you employ SSR on your existing or new work. Tag your work #SketchfabSSR and we’ll be on the lookout for striking examples to share in the coming weeks.

As always, remember to visit our help center to learn more about getting the best results out of our 3D settings.

* Our blog header image is taken from “Bathroom Interior” by happs. With SSR enabled, the sink and items on the bathroom counter reflect in the mirror. Without SSR surrounding models do not reflect one another.

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Paul Chambers

Artist Evangelist & Community outreach at Sketchfab, freelance CG Generalist, render-farm tinkerer. Zelda worshipper.


  • Bohdan says:

    Dudes, that’s insane! Thanks for the feature! Just enabled it on my latest upload and it looks SO MUCH better with it!

  • Zemasu says:

    Awesome! I’m trying to make it work with my scene, but it seems it doesnt reflect glowing items.

    The result must be like this, it is possible?

  • Thiago Cóser says:

    Hi Paul. Great feature added! But something in the way this effect is rendered is funky. I post a model to test it called Anamorphosis. It´s an old art technic to distort and get a projection of a subject, in my case, a distorted skull rendered correctly in a chrome cylinder. You can compare the scenes using sketchfab SSR and a render using raytrace (mental ray) here: and

  • Hi Thiago, yes – as mentioned in the post there are some limitations with SSR. Remember this is an approximation method that’s designed to be calculated quickly in real-time rather than a ray-traced offline renderer. The answer is in the name – Screen Space Reflection – reflection information can only be gathered from what’s currently on screen, therefore as you move your viewport around the scene you change what’s on the screen, and as a result the reflection changes rather than remaining constant.

  • Zemasu says:

    Was my post deleted? – ?
    Awesome feature, but it Seems to not reflect glowing items, its effect applies before other post processing effects?

  • Zemasu – I made a couple of tweaks to your settings. You had the ground material set to metallic which will impact the brightness of the reflection. You also had sub-surface scattering on. Bloom is considered a lens effect, so the way the floor reflects is accurate. If you wanted to get the effect in the reflection you’d need to build the upper stripes as textured geometry with the “glow” built in. TLDR, SSR is working as expected.

  • Smallpoly says:

    Oh wow. Things just keep getting better.

  • Andrew Leahy says:

    Awesome. But no SSR in VR?

  • Correct Andrew, several post-processing effects aren’t used in VR to maintain a quality performance / frame-rate. And SSR is one of the most “expensive” effects that should be used only judiciously even outside VR.

  • HH3D – Apologies for any confusion – SSR is not currently enabled on happs’ “Bathroom Interior”. What is the URL of your scene? I will take a look.

  • Outstanding 🙂 ! The SSR is fantastic! And I LUV seeing the development with SketchFab continue, -Thank You!

  • HH3D says:

    Hey Paul,
    Sorry, I wrote the hyperlink wrong. The URL of my scene is: . I can make it work on the floor, but for some reason no matter what settings I try it doesn’t show up on the mirror. I recognize that it won’t reflect the entire interior, but I can’t get even the objects close to the mirror to show up as reflections. I’m mainly asking out of curiosity, as I don’t know what I am doing wrong. In any case, this is a really cool feature.

  • Hey HH3D – removing opacity from your mirror material will allow the SSR to work correctly.

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