Sketchfab Now Supports Blender 3.0

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We’re pleased to announce that Sketchfab and our Blender plugin now support the recent Blender 3.0 release.

The updated Blender plugin allows for easy import into Blender of over 740,000 free Sketchfab models as well as any of your purchased Sketchfab Store assets. The plugin also makes it simple to export your Blender scenes to Sketchfab.

The Sketchfab add-on running in Blender 3.0

Here’s what’s new:

Download the free Blender plugin or check out an overview of it.

Want to simplify your 3D workflow? Discover more of Sketchfab’s importer and exporter software integrations.

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  • Morten says:

    Just tried it, works great. Thank You!
    Are you planning one for Maya?

  • Ahmet says:

    excellent project. I used You enter your username and password. Afterwards, you search for the model or user name you want from the search section and import the model to the scene.

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