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In our ongoing effort to ensure we support all the best features of your favorite 3D creation packages, we’ve made some improvements to our FBX file format parsing. This means we now proudly support the unique animation format used by Oculus Quill’s FBX export.

Now, in addition to sharing your static Quill work, you can share your animated exports from Quill with the world. Just select “Export 3D File” on the top of the document panel, and be sure to check the “Export Mesh” and “Export Animation” options, and remember, uploading an FBX file to Sketchfab is as simple as dragging it into an active Sketchfab browser window.

Here are a couple of great examples by Quill artist Nick Ladd who made the terrific tutorial above:

Speaking of Nick, we’re excited to sponsor a contest he’s hosting: create a looping character animation in Quill, and upload it Sketchfab with the hashtag #QuillAnimChallenge for a chance to win 6 months of Sketchfab Pro and a $100 Steam gift card so you can work and play!

Be sure to follow Nick on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with the contest and of course you can see more of his wonderful creations by following him on Sketchfab. The deadline is March 10th.

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