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The Lordblock collective has been sharing impressive Minecraft scenes here on Sketchfab. After we had a chat with them, they offered to re-create our Paris and New York offices in Minecraft – an offer we couldn’t refuse! Here’s a look into their world and the creation of these models.

What is Lordblock?

We’re a team of about 10 artists and designers who evolve around Minecraft.

The major skill required to join us is to know how to “build”, but we also have render makers (C4D, Photoshop), graphic designers, cinematic makers, a translator, … in our team. Right now, we’re all French-speaking, but we have members who live outside of France (Switzerland, Québec, …).

The team had a modest start. Our aim was to bring talented people who had a common interest to share and to acquire group experience. The whole team grew quickly with the “Under the Tea” project.

After this project, we realized that it was quite interesting to work on the concepts, the presentation and everything around basic realization to maximize the potential of the creation. We consider some of our projects as Concept Arts and it’s on this purpose that we build our projects. It’s this desire that the team really was built on. We kept doing project after project and we recruited more teammates. By the way, we’re still recruiting, people can join by sending an application to

How does the custom Minecraft design business work? Who are your customers?

Regarding the team, we don’t make any transactions, we have an e-mail address where people can contact us and submit their projects, and if we find them interesting and we have time, we’ll accept the submission. We’re actually building a website to allow easier contact, and everything will be explained over there. If you have any special request, just send us an e-mail !

Regarding the team members, some of them do paid commissions. Clients contact them via websites and forums like McMarket and Spigot. These clients usually are Minecraft server owners. They ask for maps, like spawns or minigame maps, or just a specific element, like an organic or a statue. This changes from client to client.

The builder must fulfill the client’s expectations, regarding design, because every commission has a specific use planned for it.

What does your workflow look like?

Each project has many factors : deadlines, the size of the project and the number of participants. We try not to have too many projects at the same time, to provide better quality work, but we did in the past have 3 active projects at the same time with all the teammates working on them, without including their personal occupations.


This is what the workflow for a typical project looks like :

We submit it to the team, we choose if it’s doable and if the teammates like it.
Then we have a brainstorming session, we share our ideas and decide what the concept will be.
After that, we start building. During this period, the project evolves with our new ideas and constraints
Finally the post-production, which helps us to complete the project and to add information to help understand the concept.


About the Sketchfab offices project: how did you approach this recreation? What were the challenges?

We needed 3 builders for this project: 1 for NYC, 1 for Paris and 1 “Helper” to do the final detailing. We first checked every team member’s availability, then we shared out the different things to do.

The first thing we did was choosing the scale, as Minecraft has a height limit. We then were able to work on the width and finally on the details. The actual challenge actually was to get a realistic depiction of the buildings with blocks only.

We used some of the plans you sent us but we mainly used Google Earth/Maps and pictures found on the Internet.


Can you share your favourite model?

It represents everything we like when we are building. We always try to find a good concept for our map, and we really like this one and she have nice and large scale organics (human, animals, vegetals). It’s a project on wich every builder made something, there a bit of all of us in this one.

Anything you’d like to share with the Sketchfab community?

We hope that the Sketchfab community will welcome Minecraft-created 3D like they welcome any other type of more conventional 3D. We’d also like to encourage more and more Minecraft creators to share their projects on Sketchfab!

Note: you can use Mineways to easily export your Minecraft projects to Sketchfab.

Thanks guys!

You can see more of LordBlock’s work here on Sketchfab and on YouTube and DeviantArt. You can follow them on Twitter @ LordBlockMC.

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Bart Veldhuizen

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  • Avatar Samuel Lazcano says:

    Hi Bart, I ‘m looking for a software that I can manipulate (navigate) a 3D object (created with a CAD program like AutoCAD, and move it around a building, in and out, to study the possibilities of entries, obstacles and installation of this object. Is Sketchfab capable in doing this? or you think there is another one for this purpose. Thanks

    • Avatar Bart Veldhuizen says:

      You can’t currently do that on Sketchfab, but any decent 3D editing software should allow you to do this. I recommend you take a look at Sketchup or Blender to get started.

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