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Just over a year ago we announced that we’d hit our biggest milestone at that date – one million models online after 4 years of growth.

Today, we’re so proud to announce that we have doubled that number in a little over 12 months. We now have over 2 million contributions live online. This continues to solidify our position as the world’s leading platform to publish, share, and discover 3D on web, mobile, VR, and AR.

But as you know, Sketchfab isn’t just about numbers. In the past twelve months since our last announcement, we’ve continued to work hard to provide the best 3D, VR, and AR player we can.

Let’s review:

We’ve continued to support the latest VR hardware and browsers:

We added support for Google Daydream in February, rounding out support for the top VR headsets. In August, we supported WebVR on Firefox 55 right out of the box at launch, with full support for all the major headsets and controllers. And last month, we did the same for Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update, supporting the new family of Mixed Reality headsets and controllers from day one.

We’ve made every model on Sketchfab accessible through AR:

We established the largest AR library in the world with support for ARKit on iOS 11 devices on day one. And we have Android ARCore support coming very soon.

We’ve continued to improve upon our world-class real-time renderer:

In March we added support for real-time ambient occlusionIn June we introduced Temporal Anti-Aliasing, allowing for smoother, better rendering. In September, we introduced rendering support for subsurface scattering and translucencyAnd just last month we introduced our Model Inspector allowing you to explore models and textures like never before

And last, but not least, we’ve brought further immersion to your 3D and VR experience:

In July, we added our fourth dimension – sound, and introduced the world to the first ever WebVR animated short, “Lily & Snout”.

2017 Milestones
by Sketchfab
on Sketchfab


But we couldn’t have done any of this without your tremendous work. Every day we see incredible contributions from archaeology to engineering, from animation to digital sculpting. Seeing your amazing work every day drives us forward.

It’s going to be an amazing next twelve months!

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