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It’s been an exciting week for fashion in New York, with not one but two collections blending elements of art and technology in their fashion shows.

Chromat has become known as a fashion label that pushes boundaries in structural experiments for the body.

Widely praised, and featured in the likes of Engadet and FastCoDesign, they sent models down the runway with responsive clothing, like this bra with heat vents, powered by the Intel Curie chip:

Alek for Chromat
on Sketchfab

We were on hand to 3D scan the looks, including the Chromat Adrenaline Dress, which responds to the body’s production of adrenaline to expand 3D panels into an intimidating fight-or-flight mode. Further securing their place as technology leaders, the Chromat runway show was also livestreamed, and viewable in Virtual Reality devices like the Occulus. If you missed the show you can explore the collection in the gallery, both interactive and in VR mode.

As most of Chromat’s pieces are made to order, besides documenting the looks, 3D scanning could become a way to create custom-tailored clothes in the future.


Another renowned designer, Francis Bitonti, launched his collaboration with United Nude and 3D Systems, featuring 3D printed shoes. His algorithm-based design for United Nude’s Mutatio collection debuted in the brand’s sleek Soho space last Wednesday, with the gold-plated 3D printed shoes taking center stage.

United Nude Mutatio Shoes
by Francis Bitonti Studio
on Sketchfab

We’re excited to see Sketchfab being used as tool for fashion designers. Previously profiled designer Alexis Walsh uses it to visualize works in progress, as she describes in this interview and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History recently digitized their fashion collection.

With all this innovation, we look forward to seeing the future of fashion in 3D! As Becca from Chromat put it: “The Intel powered garments, along with the body scanning, 3D printed garments and virtual reality runway shows, illustrate the potential of future integrations of fashion and technology.”

– Natalia


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