Sketchfab PRO and Business members can now upload custom HDR environments

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HDR environments can have a dramatic impact on your scene: they accurately capture the lighting conditions of a certain location, and project them back onto your models. This makes the model’s lighting blend in seamlessly with its environment.

Sketchfab already offers list of pre-programmed environments but we know artists want the freedom to upload their own. Well we have good news for you: all Sketchfab PRO and Business users can now upload custom HDR environments. Maybe you need specific studio lighting setup, or a space environment for your sci-fi scene? With a custom HDR environment that’s no problem!

Some technical details:

  • We support .hdr and .exr files.
  • Maximum file size is 50MB.
  • This works especially well with our PBR renderer.

If you don’t have Sketchfab PRO yet, then don’t worry: there are several ways you can get a free PRO account:

Bonus tip: you can rotate the HDR environments in real time by holding down the ALT button and left-dragging your mouse. It’ll give you a good sense of what the environments do!



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