Sketchfab runs on the new untethered Oculus Quest VR Headset

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The new Oculus Quest VR headset has just started shipping and thanks to WebVR, Sketchfab runs on it out of the box! We’re very impressed with this little device: it’s untethered, and allows you to enter ‘room-scale’ VR without any additional hardware – just put it on and walk around in your VR scene. Anything you publish on Sketchfab is now accessible on the Quest.

Here is a quick demo:

If you just received your Oculus Quest, visit Sketchfab and you can instantly enjoy over 3 million 3D scenes in VR!



Big thanks to Bay Raitt for the following tip:

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Bart Veldhuizen

Community Lead at Sketchfab. 3D Scanning enthusiast and Blenderhead.


  • I like that Sketchfab makes it easy to distribute objects and spaces to various VR platforms, but I think it would work better for objects if there were a “rotate object” or “orbit object” (or even just a “keep looking at object”) function in the VR viewer, as there is in the 2d screen viewer. I find it annoying to have to move my view position to a spot on the far side of an object, and then turn my head or body 180 degrees, just to see the object from the other side. Viewing an object from all sides is so easy in Sketchfab’s 2d viewer. It ought to be as easy in 3d/VR.

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    Great feedback, thanks! I’ll pass that along.

  • giorgio says:

    guys.. i’m trying accessing in vr mode through my Quest.. but the quality of models is terrible, it seems like if the resolution is super low; any suggestions?

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    As the Oculus Quest is a self-contained mobile device, its performance is not at the same level as desktop solution. This leads to lower resolution for WebVR applications – this is not under our control.

  • Giorgio Lucagno says:

    Ahem.. so why if I use my phone ( a self-contained mobile device, less powerful of the Quest) the VR mode works really much better?

  • Jan Hofmeister says:

    But why even bother making a blog post about this then? The way Sketchfab runs on the Quest now it’s embarassingly useless… you can’t even read the menu text. So calling it “awesome” is absolutely not true. If you can get it to run a full resolution and at the 72Hz of the Quest, then it’s worth a blog post.

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    It’s not only about the resolution, but also about the fact that you can experience room-scale VR without any additional hardware. We’re still impressed 🙂

  • Leif Nørmark Sørensen says:

    Does this go for the Oculus Go as well?

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    Update: we have started researching resolution improvements. See the new (temporary!) URLs that you can try out.

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    I need to ask around tomorrow – I’ll get back to you on that.

  • Ryan Knapp says:

    I’m amazed at how well the Quest also works with to import Sketchfab models that are interact-able. Great work! I would love to see a sketchfab app for the Rift S that uses the Passthrough+ function for AR.

  • I have been viewing SketchFab models using my OculusGO so far. When I tried it on my Quest, I also encountered the resolution issues as mentioned by others. Good to see that this is being addressed.

  • Jan Hofmeister says:

    Ooh, much better! 😀

  • For high resolution, just select desktop mode at the top of the Quest browser. This works for everything.

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    Yes, this should work on the Oculus Go as well. Just access Sketchfab from the built-in browser.

  • Leif Sørensen says:

    It looks fine on the Oculus GO 🙂

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    We just updated this article with a better way to increase the video quality: put the browser in desktop mode.

  • alx says:

    i gotta say the oculus quest viewing experience is terrible.. nauseating and vomit inducing and navigation in vr is cumbersome . if viewing would have worked without vomit inducing side effects i would have started uploading my models on sketchfab … maybe make a dedicated viewer ? there is a latency that gets you quite fast and i m sure that could be tackled with some clever solutions … if i would have to give a raiting from 5 stars i would give 1 .

  • Graham Davis says:

    Sadly, I have to agree that the latency is a problem, even with reduced poly counts. Looking at the complexity of some of the games that run on the Quest (I have not tried them), it seems that the hardware is capable of better. I’m hoping that this may be addressed in the future, but it might be a limitation of WebVR.

  • Leif Sørensen says:

    The URL Bart adresses links to an animated model that looks fine, but all other models looks very bad ( still)
    The strange thing is that the models looks fine i VR when you use an Iphone (mine 6S)
    Admitted that the Iphone gets a little hot 🙂

  • Leif Sørensen says:

    The URL Bart adresses links to an animated model that looks fine, but all other models looks very bad ( still)
    The strange thing is that the models looks fine i VR when you use an Iphone (mine 6S)
    Admitted that the Iphone gets a little hot 🙂

  • Drew Monahan says:

    I just purchased an Oculus Quest and am viewing a model that I uploaded but the browser keeps crashing. Do I have to publish the model and then can I download the model to my quest?

  • alx says:

    Such a shame and missed opportunity regarding Oculus Quest support on Sketchfab… are you guys working on a better viewing experience in vr for oculus quest ?? If you sit you simply can’t view the object in vr because you would need to turn in real life move teleport around the object and that’s really a deal breaker . Why don’t you guys make so the joystick turns you in place like on Bigscreen?Are you guys working on a solution for Oculus QUest ?

  • Rick says:

    Hi Bart,

    Will there be a native app to run Sketchfab on the Oculus Quest? The WebVR version seems to run a bit laggy on my Quest…

    Best wishes, Rick

  • Hi Rick, there are no plans to develop a standalone app at the moment but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the (much) longer term.

  • Jonathan Hilairet says:

    I tried it on my Quest. It is no very usable. The frame rate is slow, the controls are not good and the spectroscopy is not good. I really want to have a easy way to see 3D meshes with good shading on my Quest. I like the controls in Gravity Sketch, but it is only flat colours. ”Mozilla spoke” not always keep the shaders of my Sketchfab models and do not update the changes I make on my model. I tried Unreal Engine. The frame rate is very good in the quest and you have the possibility to bake lights. The downside is that it is complicated to adjust texture, to use in general and a very long process to build the ”game”.

  • Hi Jonathan – re. frame rate: a lot depends on the models you are viewing, the uploader will need to have optimized them for VR e.g. low poly count, low material count, fewer separate geometries.

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by “controls are not good” and what you mean by “spectroscopy”?

    Remember that Sketchfab runs in a web browser so it is not possible to compare it to native Quest apps.

  • Jonathan Hilairet says:

    Hi Thomas, thank you for your answer.
    The controls are very limited. You can only teleport and change the model scale. When you change the scale, you cannot reposition the model at the right height. I would like to be able to rotate and move the model freely. If you try Gravity Sketch on Quest, I think the controls and the 3D perspective is perfect.
    For the stereoscopy, I think because the frame rate is slow the right and left eyes are not rendered at the same time so it cause problems for the 3D perspective.
    On Gear VR you have an app. Could you do the same on Quest so we could view our models with a better frame rate and resolution ?
    I know this is a lot of work, just asking 😉

  • Michael says:

    Hey. I’m trying sketchfab on my quest for a researcher here at Penn who has some heart models for viewing on sketchfab. It’s working (sweet!) but is noticeably jittery (sour). Other apps are running smoothly on the quest. Anyone else seen this? Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Sterling Osment says:

    I wish there was a dedicated app for Quest – and a section of Sketchfab for Quest VR experiences – optimised and efficient.

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