Sketchfab Store 5 Ways to Make Your Assets Stand Out

Sketchfab Store: 5 Ways to Make Your Assets Stand Out

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To become a successful seller in the Sketchfab Store, it is key to offer the best possible products. But great products that are easily overlooked or that do not get returned in a store search won’t generate sales. In this article, we highlight 5 essential elements that will help your models get discovered and increase your sales.

Once you have uploaded your best content, make sure to focus on the following:

1. Descriptive Titles

Ensure your model titles are descriptive but also contain keywords that buyers might use when looking for your assets. Using proper titles will help your models rank well in the store search, as well as in organic search engine results, providing more traffic and visibility for your 3D models.

2. Relevant Keyword Tags

When tagging your models, make sure that you use relevant keywords that apply to your model. Did you upload a tank? Make sure you use words like “tank”, “military”, “weapons”, and other similarly descriptive keywords. Tags help your products show up for relevant searches and help potential buyers find your products in the Sketchfab store.

3. Thorough Descriptions

Make sure your product description is as accurate as possible and includes as much information about your model as possible. This will help users make an informed decision when purchasing your models and will help your models rank better in search engines.

4. Eye-catching Thumbnails

Make sure to spend time in the Sketchfab 3D editor to select a neutral background, and to choose the lighting and ground shadows settings that present your asset in the best possible way. Pro tip: don’t overdo it—stay subtle but make sure your work looks clean and its qualities are easily visible even in a thumbnail.

5. Appropriate License and Price

Select the best license for a given model to avoid buyer doubts. If your asset features third party intellectual property, always use the Editorial license option. If your asset is fully original and you are the only copyright holder, make sure to select the Standard license.

Finally, make sure to price your assets realistically. Stay competitive with your pricing and, when in doubt, simply search for similar models and see how other artists have priced them.

We hope these tips come in handy and lead to increased exposure for your assets—ultimately resulting in more sales.

Please share your best tips below in the comments and reach out to if you have any questions.


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