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Sketchfab has always been a bit ahead of the curve. We were pioneering WebGL from day one, before all browsers could even support it, and we were ready for Virtual Reality content even as headsets are still in development. When TimeSlice Films reached out a few weeks ago to say they were working on 4D capture with experimental tech from GoPro, we were already working on figuring out how we could host it.

Today, Sketchfab and TimeSlice are excited to present the first result on Sketchfab: a fully interactive 4D scan on the web!


“It’s incredibly exciting that Sketchfab have offered to host an example of our prototype 4D footage. Although early days, it’s fantastic to see they intend to support this type of content.” Said Callum Macmillan, Managing Director of TimeSlice Films. “Volumetric capture is a crucial evolution of both the still and moving image. It fundamentally changes visual content creation from a fixed-viewpoint to a free-viewpoint experience. We call this type of content Free Viewpoint Media (FVM) – content that can be viewed from any perspective.”

The 4D video itself was captured using TimeSlice’s pioneering 4D volumetric array, which in addition to their own custom hardware and software, incorporates 53 GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition cameras and experimental GoPro Sync technology.


With the growth of immersive storytelling, full volumetric capture is the key successor to spherical 360 type videos which currently occupy the “VR 1.0” space. By supporting this on Sketchfab, it is VR-ready out of the box, mobile ready, shareable and embeddable anywhere on the web. Here is the first interactive 4D scan on Facebook ever. 🙂

We built Sketchfab because we believe 3D, virtual and augmented reality are changing the ways we consume content, and becoming common media formats like video and sound. As people like TimeSlice push boundaries of new content creation, we’re proud to be able to support them, and our vision for an interactive future.

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Alban Denoyel

Co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab.

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  • Avatar Vasil Garbev says:

    This is absolutely amazing 🙂 Keep it up Sketchfab !

  • Avatar Michael says:

    That sounds really grat. I hope soon, that uploading animator camera will be simple. Thanks for all the good news.


  • I appreciate the technology, even though this particular demos is, in a way, kinda of creepy. I find it out that they don’t just keep pumping volumetic video samples out on nearly a daily basis. There are several formats vying for domination of this market, and the best way to get one to succeed over the other is to make it unavoidable. In other words, flood the market with material..keep people interested. Most of these companies posted stuff a few months after Rift and Vive were released, and have not posted anything new since then. The only way this will get adopted is if it goes viral. And you get that to happen by shoving it down the average viewer’s throat. If I can wake up tomorrow and every day following and not get a notification of some kind that a new clip came out..then whichever (or all of) these companies that you work for have failed.

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