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Version 1.8 of the Sketchfab Viewer API is here!

What is the Viewer API?

The Viewer API lets you build web apps on top of Sketchfab’s 3D viewer. With the API, you can control the viewer in JavaScript. It provides functions for moving the camera, manipulating materials, and more.

1.8 Changelog

Version 1.8 includes an assortment of new features and events. It’s now possible to create your own loading bars with events related to download progress. We also improved functions related to animations and camera movement. Additionally, there are new functions to turn lights on and off. Lastly, it’s possible to enter app-free Enterprise AR mode programmatically (i.e., with your own button instead of ours).

There are a lot of technical specifics. So, instead of posting them all here, I encourage you to check out the official changelog, here.


Loading bars

3D models take time to load, depending on the complexity of the mesh, the size of textures, etc. It’s now possible to receive the download progress percentage from the viewer so that you can create your own accurate loading bars or other loading animations. Check it out here.

sketchfab api custom loading bar

Animation in reverse

You can now set animation speed to negative values. In other words, you can play animations backwards. This could be useful for opening and closing doors, or similar use cases. Check it out here.

sketchfab api animation in reverse


You can now enable and disable “analytical” lights (i.e. Direction, Point, and Spot lights). Previously, enabled lights could be manipulated, but now you can turn the entire feature on or off as needed. Check it out here.

sketchfab api light control


We recently launched “app-free” AR (Augmented Reality) mode for Enterprise clients. This feature adds a button to the viewer to launch AR directly on mobile devices, or provides a QR code to scan on desktop machines to take your phone to AR. Now, you can trigger this behavior via the API instead of relying on our button in the viewer. Check it out here.

sketchfab enterprise app-free ar

Up Next

We target a Viewer API release roughly once per quarter. If you have any need for new features or ideas for new examples, please let us know! We’ll try to work them into version 1.9 or beyond!

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