Sketchfab Voxel Challenge: Landmarks, with a Twist!

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The winner is Arc de Triomphe Portal!

These ancient towers have been seen by all of mankind… but there is something different about them now…

Hello builders and welcome to our latest voxel challenge! We want to be inspired by reality… and meld it with fantasy, inspired from your mind. What are we basing reality on? Recognizable landmarks! Take famous landmark from anywhere in the world and remain faithful to their design using voxels but add a little bit of fantasy to it. Maybe the Great Wall of China has fairies exploring it! Maybe the CN Tower is being scaled by an ogre! Does the Eiffel Tower have a new mystery set up in it, like in the Art Credit? Or maybe the Itsukushima Shrine is being invaded by samurai zombies? Either way, it’s up to you to add your flare to these already magnificent structures!

TD;LR: Take a famous landmark and add a fantasy element to it 

Art Credit: 


  • Create an real landmark and expound on it with fantastical elements in voxels.
  • Use any 3D modeling tool that you like (including Minecraft), although using a specialised one will make your life a lot easier!
  • Submit only new work, but feel free to submit multiple scenes.
  • Once you’ve created your scene, upload it to Sketchfab, tag it #VoxelFantasyLandmarkChallenge (and why not throw in #voxels, #voxelart, and tag the took you used for good measure too?)
  • Share what you’re planning to create on the challenge thread in the forum!
  • Submission deadline is Tuesday, June 20 (23:59 New York time – EST)



Depending on your landmark, a LEGO™ set of your landmark.

If your landmark isn’t covered, a Classic LEGO™ set.

3 months of Sketchfab PRO to your account.

Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary.
  • By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions.
  • This is a contest for individuals, no teams.
  • No alternative prizes available. The prize draw is not open to Sketchfab employees or their families.
  • No ripping of models from anywhere on the Internet, all entries must be original works.
  • The judges’ decision are final – in case of dispute, no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Winning entries will be documented and may be used for promotional purposes.
  • Contestants models must be uploaded to Sketchfab and tagged #VoxelFantasyLandmarkChallenge to be considered.
  • Winners retain all Intellectual Property as per Sketchfab standard Terms and Conditions.
  • Winners and winning entries may be required to take part in any publicity resulting from this competition.
  • The winners will be contacted by Friday, June 23
  • Promoter: Sketchfab Inc, 1123 Broadway, Suite 501, New York, NY 10010, USA.

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  • Avatar Jiovanie Velazquez says:

    Depending on your landmark?… If your landmark isn’t covered?… Can you clarify this?

    • Avatar Mauricio says:

      What this means is that if your landmark is represented in one of the *existing* LEGO Architecture sets, then you will receive the corresponding LEGO set. For example, if you choose to represent Big Ben in London, you will receive LEGO #21034 (London). The LEGO web site has a list of current Architecture sets: Otherwise you will get LEGO #10698, which is a “Classic” box of bricks.

  • Avatar abhiraman says:

    Sorry, i know this is stupid but how to join this contest?

    • Avatar Bart Veldhuizen says:

      All you need to do it to upload your design and add the tag ‘VoxelFantasyLandmarkChallenge’ to your model. See detailed rules and instructions in the article above.

  • Avatar roberto oak says:

    when is the next contest? Where can I know about them?

    • Avatar Bart Veldhuizen says:

      We’ll have another Voxel challenge in a few weeks. If you have uploaded any Voxel models to your Sketchfab portfolio you should automatically get an email notification. If not, keep an eye on our blog!

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