Sketchfab Voxel Challenge: Sci-Fi Cities

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“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain… Time to die.”

If the city of Los Angeles or Neo-Tokyo in the year 2019, Washington in the year 2054, Metropolis, or New Vegas have always held the key to the future for you, this voxel challenge is your chance to recreate them or create your own! Feel free to take inspiration from any movie, show, book, game, or just your imagination and create a small sci-fi city in voxel form! While tech-heavy cities are usually a marker for sci-fi and are more than welcome for this challenge, feel free to expand on that idea as well, in themes like solarpunk or steampunk. And while the above list of cities may have a bleak outlook, dystopian and utopian cities are welcome as well! We are so honored to be hosting this challenge with our friends from Qubicle, who are also providing the prize!

TL;DR Create a sci-fi city in voxel format, using any voxel creation tool you’d like.


  • Create a sci-fi city, from any source of inspiration of any size, in voxel format.
  • Use any 3D modeling tool that you like (including Minecraft), although using a specialised one will make your life a lot easier!
  • Submit only new work, but feel free to submit multiple scenes.
  • Once you’ve created your scene, upload it to Sketchfab, tag it #VoxelSciFiCity (and why not throw in #voxels, #voxelart, and tag the took you used for good measure too?).
  • Share what you’re planning to create on the challenge thread in the forum!
  • Submission deadline is Monday, December 4 (23:59 New York time – EST).



Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary.
  • By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions.
  • This is a contest for individuals, no teams.
  • No alternative prizes available. The prize draw is not open to Sketchfab employees or their families.
  • No ripping of models from anywhere on the Internet, all entries must be original works.
  • The judges’ decision are final – in case of dispute, no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Winning entries will be documented and may be used for promotional purposes.
  • Contestants models must be uploaded to Sketchfab and tagged #VoxelSciFiCity to be considered.
  • Winners retain all Intellectual Property as per Sketchfab standard Terms and Conditions.
  • Winners and winning entries may be required to take part in any publicity resulting from this competition.
  • The winners will be contacted by Friday, December 8th.
  • Promoter: Sketchfab Inc, 1123 Broadway, Suite 501, New York, NY 10010, USA.

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