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This announcement is out of date, and some information is deprecated.

As you may have noticed last week, we just released There are literally tons of great services to create your portfolio website, for photographers, designers, etc… But none of them is dedicated to 3D artists, and none of them integrates 3D display… That’s why we’ve been working hard to bring this new service, the first of its kind, to create your professional 3D portfolio website, powered by Sketchfab!

Here is an example:


With  you can show your models on your own dedicated domain, in a slick interface with responsive design, to make your portfolio look awesome on any device.

The setup of your dotme portfolio is very easy, and is made directly from your Sketchfab dashboard, once you have upgraded. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Create folders from your dashboard, to organise your work. Only models in folders will be displayed in your portfolio.
  • Upload a logo and profile picture, to make this your space
  • Pick up a model to be featured on the home page of your portfolio.
  • You are all set!

Your portfolio will use your Sketchfab username (, and you can also ask us to map your own domain name if you have one.

Here is a quick video demo with those steps: comes with a form to get contacted directly by anyone viewing your portfolio, plus dotme users can also get contacted directly on Sketchfab. You’ll see a new “contact me” button for them. This gives unprecedented exposure to your work, as Sketchfab gets biiiig traffic 🙂

We are working on the mobile version of, and you will soon be able to take your portfolio everywhere with you, and show it on your mobile or tablet. comes at less than $6/month (billed annually), and is also included in the Pro version. is a new way to make the most of interactive 3D display in the browser, powered by Sketchfab. And with unlimited uploads, as before!

Now some special offers 🙂

  • is free for students! We believe it’s a great tool for them to show their work to potential employers, as well as teachers, and that’s our way of helping them succeed. Drop us a line at to have your school added to our list of partners.
  • the first 100 yearly subscriptions will benefit from one additional free year, which makes it below $3 a month! Don’t wait 🙂


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