Sketchtalk: Kids Creation Station turns children's drawing into 3D printable sculptures

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#67 – Angelina by Kids Creation Station on Sketchfab

New York based Kids Creation Station is creating magic for kids! Read on to learn more about their company, workflow and how they use Sketchfab in their process.

What does KCS do?

Kids Creation Station uses the latest 3D printing technology to turn children’s 2D drawings into 3D sculptures.

How did you get started and how many people are on your team?

Kids Creation Station is a venture we developed to introduce kids to 3D printing. Our mission at 3DP4E – 3D Printing for Everyone (parent company to KCS) is to make 3D printing and Digital Fabrication accessible to everyone and to empower through design, technology and entrepreneurism.

We got started back in January 2014 and the first thing we did was create, a one-stop site for all 3D printing & Digital Fabrication information with links to services, products and sources.

KCS is a natural extension of our mission. It allows kids to explore their creations in a new dimension and see their creativity made real and tangible. It also introduces children to 3D Printing Technology, to experience the wonder of creating a 3D object from their imagination, giving them an understanding and empowering them to work with this exciting new technology in the future.

To further our mission, in sync with KCS, we partnered with Children’s Museum of the Arts (here in NYC) for an exhibition entitled: Into the 3rd Dimension: 3D Printing for Young Artists. We took artworks from CMA’s permanent collection and created 3D printed replicas. The exhibition is still running and has been extended until February 28th.

Currently, we are team of six.


Legong Dancer by Kids Creation Station on Sketchfab

What does your workflow look like?

Our backend makes our workflow effortless. When an order gets placed, it’s assigned to a modeler, who brings the art to life. Once completed, the model is uploaded to our site where two things happen, a 3D rendering is created and the model is sent to print. The 3D sculpture is then shipped in an awesome diorama (there are 20 to choose from) that is pre-selected by the customer.

What do your customers say when they see the 3D prints?

Our customers are overjoyed with their prints! They can’t believe how identical it is to the drawings.

  • “My daughter was incredulous when she opened her Christmas gift which included her original drawing and the Kids Creation Station 3D print. Her direct quote was ‘Mommy, I love it! This is the coolest thing ever.’ Thanks Kids Creation Station! My son is now asking when he can have one of HIS works printed too.” – Helen

  • “Working with Kids Creation Station was fantastic. It was easy to upload the image and the results were truly magical. They did a great job with my goddaughter’s drawing – it came to life in such an extraordinary way. She and her parents over the moon about the sculpture, and so am I.” – Meryl

  • “Kids Creation Station is the perfect gift. I surprised my girlfriend by having one of her drawings 3D printed and she was totally blown away. She said it was the best gift she ever received. This is definitely going to become a recurring gift!” – John

John’s testimonial inspired our “Better Than A Card Valentine’s Day Contest”! We want folks to share a drawing along with a story on Instagram with us and we will pick a winner to get a 3D print on us for Valentine’s! You can read more about it on our blog.

#35 – Fuzzy Monster by Kids Creation Station on Sketchfab

How are you using Sketchfab in your business?

Embedded within our site is the Sketchfab API. Part of our approach in designing the website was to give our users the ability to see a rendering of their 3D model before its produced. We see it as a great way to not only view the model, but to share it among family and friends. When researching, Sketchfab was the best for our site because of how easy it makes it for the user to share via email and social media and honestly, Sketchfab makes us cool.

And you make us cool! 🙂 Thanks Carmen!

Check out the KCS Public Library for more examples of drawings and how they turned out in 3D.

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