Spectre3D Adds Sketchfab Integration

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We’re pleased to announce that Spectre3D, a new 3D scanning app, supports direct export to Sketchfab.

Spectre3D uses the LiDAR sensor in Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad Pro to create 3D textured meshes. It has three scanning modes for different capture scenarios: Person/Object, Environment/Room, and Snapshots. The app also includes tools to remove noise, smooth estimated normals, fill holes, and more.

How to upload to Sketchfab

Once you’ve created your model and are ready to upload it to Sketchfab:

  1. Log in to Sketchfab via the app.
  2. Provide some details about the scan (tags, description, etc.).
  3. Upload your scan.
  4. Copy a link to your new scan when the upload completes.

You can learn more about Spectre3D on their website and download the app from the App Store.

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