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Is it The Kiss? Or maybe Han Solo’s Hibernation? Ah wait.. ‘I Am Your Father’. Right?

Whatever it is, with the upcoming premiere of The Force Awakens, we’re getting pretty excited about Star Wars, and we bet you are too! So we’re launching a new challenge: model famous Star Wars scenes and compete for cool prizes, like your own Sphero remote-controlled BB-8 droid.

The grand prize is an Oculus Rift! Star Wars had the first holograms after all, and you can now build your own Princess Leia scene in VR on Sketchfab 🙂

To level the playing field, we have selected 2 cool scenes from each episodes so far, and we threw in a bonus scene! Your job is to tell that story in a 3D scene, using annotations or animation.

These are the scenes you can choose from:

  • Episode I – The Phantom Menace: Pod Race & Journey through the planet core.
  • Episode II – Attack of the Clones: Yoda vs Dooku & Bounty hunter chase on Coruscant.
  • Episode III – Revenge of the Sith: The Order 66 & LightSaber fights: Duel on Mustafar, Duels of Fate, Windu-Emperor.
  • Episode IV – A New Hope: Death Star Trench Run & 3D princess Leia, the first hologram!
  • Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back: “I am you father” NOooooooooo & Han Solo being carbo-cryo-whatever-ated.
  • Episode VI – Return of the Jedi: “It’s a Trap” & Death Star Millennium Falcon Core Dump Run
  • Bonus: The death of Jar Jar Binks.

Challenge categories

You can enter in two categories:

  1. Annotated scenes. Annotations are an excellent tool for taking your viewers on a guided tour through your scene. Check out the winners of our recent Halloween Contest for some inspiration. All participants in this contest will receive a free month of Sketchfab PRO to raise the number of annotations in their models from 5 to 20!
  2. Category 2: Animations. Can you animate a scene? Then sign up for our animation beta and tell your story that way. We’ll fast-track all contest participants to enter the beta program.


We will be promoting all winners on our own site and social media and with our partner sites such as IA Magazine, CGChannel and 3DTotal. We’ll also do a final big media push on the December 18th – the day that The Force Awakens will be released.

Of course, we have a big prize pot:

  • Grand prize: an Oculus Rift, a Sketchfab Hoodie and 12 Months of Sketchfab PRO ($120 value).

For both the Annotation and Animation categories:

  • a Sphero BB-8 remote-controled droid, a Sketchfab T-shirt and 6 Months of Sketchfab PRO ($90 value).
  • $100 Amazon voucher*, a Sketchfab Cardboard VR Viewer and 3 Months of Sketchfab PRO ($45 value).
  • $50 Amazon voucher*, a Sketchfab Cardboard VR Viewer and 3 Months of Sketchfab PRO ($45 value).

* or equivalent for your country

How we will select the winners

We have invited a stellar delegation of judges from the CG industry:

Model views and likes will also weigh heavily in this contest, so be sure to get your model ‘out there’ – post it on the relevant CG forums, Star Wars fan art sites, your own Facebook (read our Rockstar blogposts for more suggestions). If your favorite forum doesn’t support Sketchfab yet, ask the admins to contact us. We have many forum plugins available.

Starting on December 11, we’ll announce one winner through our partnered media sites. On December 18th, a full round up will appear on our own blog too.

How to enter

  • Select your favorite scene from our list above.
  • Start your own topic in the dedicated Star Wars Contest 2015 forum where you document your work in progress (WIP). Post regular updates (with images and Sketchfab embeds), and be sure to mark which entry is your final submission.
  • All participants will receive one month of Sketchfab PRO.
  • Publish your final entry to your account, and tag it with #starwars-2015-still or #starwars-2015-animation
  • You can submit as many entries as you like. Only submit new work that you created for this contest though! Entries close Thursday December 10th.

Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary.
  • By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions.
  • No alternative prizes available. The prize draw is not open to Sketchfab employees or their families.
  • The promoters decision is final – in case of dispute, no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Winning entries will be documented and may be used for promotional purposes.
  • Contestants models must be uploaded to Sketchfab and tagged #starwars-2015 to be considered.
  • Winners retain all Intellectual Property as per Sketchfab standard Terms and Conditions.
  • Winners and winning entries may be required to take part in any publicity resulting from this competition.
  • The winner will be contacted by December 18th.
  • Promoter: Sketchfab Inc, 1123 Broadway, Suite 501, New York, NY 10010, USA.


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