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Times in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

November 27

13:00 MrEmjeR

17:00 Chaitanyak

21:00 ipkipi

November 28

13:00 MrEmjeR

17:00 Chaitanyak

November 29

13:00 MrEmjeR

17:00 Chaitanyak

November 30

12:00 Rik

17:00 Chaitanyak

December 1 

17:00 Chaitanyak

21:00 Attikachu

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The Twitch stream is in full swing thanks to our Sketchfab Masters, the new artists who have joined us, and you, the Sketchfab community! In case you haven’t followed us to join in on the fun (in which case, what are you waiting for!), here are the talented Sketchfab artists who have joined us recently.

With a few more artists coming up, it becomes imperative to lay out a schedule. Every week this post will update to reflect the times and days the streamers will go live in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). There is also a forum post with the same purpose. The forum is also open to introductions and discussion, so feel free to create a new topic and say hi!

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