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It’s been a busy summer! We love seeing all the ways you use Sketchfab embeds in your crowdfunding campaigns, here’s our roundup of news from selected projects. Be sure to check them out:

  • The Mosaic is a compact little unit that extends your mobile device, giving you more storage, longer battery life, and the ability to share and save all of your experiences anywhere, anytime. Goal reached on Kickstarter!

  • Bevel is the world’s first attachment capable of capturing real 3D photographs on any smartphone or tablet. It uses an eye safe laser light, and the existing camera on your Android or IOS device, to capture photographs before processing them. It’s a very cool piece of hardware!

  • About 3,000 people preordered the new ilumi, the smart lightbulbs that do a lot more than just change color. A great campaign who raised 7 times its goal!

ilumi A19
by humdinger
on Sketchfab

  • On Indiegogo, Booktilla raised 10,000 USD for its simple and convenient bottle. Red, blue, green or black, you’ll find the one you need! The campaign is still in-demand.

  • Cusby provides new MacBook users the ability to charge their laptop and connect all of their devices simultaneously with a single USB-C port, without requiring a bulky and expensive USB hub or docking station.

  • Manuel Alvarez Barredo proposes to model 3D CAD mannequins covering the full range of percentiles, from babies to adults. His project was on Kickstarter.

  • You smoke and are having a hard time quitting? Take a look at Nicotrax. The device and software help users track information related to their smoking habits. This information gives users a concrete understanding of factors that influence their smoking behavior, allowing them to work to actively replace smoking with healthier habits. From $70 on Indiegogo!

  • A new printer is on Kickstarter! GAIA Multitool combines the capabilities of a 3D printer, CNC router and a laser engraver. It prints materials from clay to porcelain, and many other 100% natural materials that users can prepare themselves.

  • Triband is a wearable that charges your phone. It’s also a flash drive and flashlight. It was available in white and black, for iOS and Android devices.

  • The FABtotum Personal Fabricator was designed to be a flexible and expandable platform from day one. Now, FABtotum is releasing its PRISM extension. It enables precision 3D printing with an innovative Stereolithography technology, bringing design and personal fabrication to a whole new level.

  • CTRL Eyewear successfully funded the CTRL ONE – the smartest, fastest glasses for cycling. Developed for the U.S. Special Forces, the glasses are now adapted and optimized for anybody who wants to enhance their performance.

by CTRL Eyewear
on Sketchfab

  • Available on Kickstarter until the beginning of October, LumiPocket LT is a resin based 3D printer, a fast PCB etching machine, and a laser engraver that can work with many different materials.

  • Since Kickstarter launched in France, many French projects have been funded. Hector is one of them, a cube which measures temperature and humidity level. You can read and analyze the figures straight on your smartphone. Put it close to your plants, in your fridge, in your cellar, or anywhere you want!

  • Another very cool smart product is Fusion Guitar. This electric guitar has been designed with built-in speakers, amp, recording, and iPhone integration. Play smarter, and share it anywhere online! Get yours on Indiegogo until the beginning of October.

  • Audiophiles and music lovers, Princeton is the speaker you need. America made, handcrafted, wireless and equipped with Bluetooth, it has been designed as a work of art and engineered to never become obsolete.

  • Have fun with Loom Launcher! It is a 3D printed, mechanical, multi-shot, self-priming, rubber-band launcher. Many models are on Sketchfab!

  • With Weighitz, turn any household platform into a smart weighing scale. Turn any plate, bowl, pot or cup into a weighing platform; Convert Units, like Oz to Cups; Measure Calories; Track your diet over time…on Kickstarter until mid-October.

  • Holga Digital brings back vintage in photography, digitally. With no LCD, no extra setting you can enjoy the purity of photography. Already about 2,000 people preordered it! Get yours on Kickstarter.

Good luck with your crowdfunding projects, and be sure to let us know about them for your chance to be featured!




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