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Daniel Freedline is a fifteen year old highschool student from the United States. Together with his younger brother Alexander he created ‘Sunny the Bear’, a series of three ebooks for children of ages 3-7. The books link to 3D scanned objects to educate children on objects that they might otherwise never see:

As you saw in the conch shell [found in ‘Sunny Explores The Beach’, ed], many kids probably NEVER saw a conch shell before. In the story, the main character goes to the beach and finds many new and fun things. With Sketchfab, they can now learn about those objects in a very impactful way.They can even download the files and print their own toys, instead of spending a lot of money at the toy story.

Conch Shell by Sunny The 3D Bear on Sketchfab

The accompanying website also has a large and growing gallery of 3D scans (characters and scenery from each book), allowing kids to play with these objects on their computer or tablet. The 3D files are downloadable and can be printed, allowing kids to create their own toys.

Daniel was a finalist in a competition by the AWESOME FOUNDATION and his e-book series won the competition and the $1,000 prize! The panelists were impressed with his books, but also the incorporation of 3D technology.

His father Allan writes:

We can imagine a future where children no longer purchase printed books. Instead, they download the e-book, manipulate objects in 3D and print their own toys from their own 3D printers. Yes, it’s a few year’s away, but Sunny The Bear serves as an example of what the future can be!

You can download the first two books for free from the Sunny the Bear website. Go ahead, read them to your kids (I know I will) and let us know what you think!

Sand castle by Sunny The 3D Bear on Sketchfab

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