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Cosmo Wenman has spent the last year 3d scanning artwork in museums and using the scans to print life-size reproductions. You can find some of the work on his website:

With the aid of Kickstarter, Cosmo is looking to raise $35,000 to fund his project to 3d scan a selection of important sculptures at the Skulpturehalle.

After taking lots of photos, months of post processing and 3d print-proofing, the aim is to publish the 3d printable files into the public domain copyright-free, so that anyone, anywhere can download and print themselves.


This is a fantastic opportunity to make art history come to life in 3d, and we’re happy to support Cosmo with a Sketchfab Pro account to document and experiment with his work.

You can read more about this ambitious project on the Kickstarter page here, and help fund this project until July 6th.

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