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As the holidays come around, we look back on the year and think about the good, the bad, and the ugly. While there were some ugly times in the world in 2016, we at Sketchfab reflect and realize that this was also a year of discovery, growth, and most importantly, hope.

Working every day next to each other is proof of innovative thinking and powerful collaborative ability that only exists when people are united and passionate about a common goal, but still bring enough of their own differences to get Sketchfab to where it is today.

Our annual team event is a definitive event that highlights these values that we hold at Sketchfab. And while there were a lot of good times to be had, the event serves as a reminder that even though some of us work worlds apart, it never feels that way in the way we communicate everyday and were able to unite and discuss what we came for: you, the users. So we really have you guys to thank, for making this such an awesome year and making Sketchfab possible.

Here are some highlights from this year’s Team Event:

The aforementioned côte de bœuf:

The house:



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