Ten picks from Polycount Riot Games Contest

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The Riot Games Art Contest by Polycount is about to end (deadline for entries is December 19th), it was a blast! 

We’ve seen some awesome entries on Polycount and some were also submitted on Sketchfab! Artists spent long hours to model and texture League of Legends champions, here are the ten models we liked best (so far!): 

#1: Braum by jeebs

#2 Malphite by Trik

#3 Nautilus by neimad78

#4 Twitch by mrnunez

#5: Lulu by HaZe

#6: Fizz Free Willy Style by Brenly

#7: Warwick by wattmaggle

#8: Darius Party Pool by dantert

#9: DJ Sona by pn

#10: Nami by d33m0n

– Victor


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