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Yesterday, we reached an important milestone: 10,000 users have joined Sketchfab since our launch earlier this year. That’s a big family, the beginning of a lasting story you are writing with us. We started Sketchfab for you, and really appreciate that so many people enjoy it.

Every day we discover great projects that integrate Sketchfab, whether for medical use, to illustrate a crowdfunding campaign for an awesome animation movie, or the process of making a chocolate invader. And we couldn’t have imagined that so many of you would help us improve the service, making an exporter for their favorite 3D software, correcting bugs, crafting amazing models to test new features, or simply spreading the word.

Thank you all for your trust, and stay tuned: we have good stuff coming soon! Feel free to reach out to if you have an idea or feature you think we should work on.

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Sketchfab Team

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