The Top Embeds of the Week: The Good, The Cool, and The Awesome

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So this week we had really high traffic due to some of the embeds, which means loads of people saw these excellent designs. If you make yours an embed and send it to us, that could be the case for you as well! #Sketchfabulous.

Featured Embed:

Many of you gamers out there will appreciate the number one featured embed of the week. It’s from World of Tanks and it is, pardon my french, kick-butt. Look at the embed here and the Sketchfab page here. They also have some other models to check out so swing by their page!

More Cool Embeds:

Embedding is a great way to make your mark on the web outside of Sketchfab. Plus, you might be featured on the blog!

If you want to be featured as a 3D all-star next week, shoot us an email at:

Keep being #Sketchfabulous



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