The Unity Community Art Challenge Winners are in!

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The entries for the Unity Community Art Challenge (“Thor’s Hammer”) are just plain awesome. Sketchfab is the regular sponsor of this event and the winners will all receive a Sketchfab PRO account.Check out the full list of entries entries here.

Together with the Unity team, we picked the following winners:

1st Place – Essimoon

Essimoon doesn’t give up! After reaching the second place last time he now won the gold medal with is dynamic scene.

Mjölnir – UCAC5
by essimoon
on Sketchfab

2nd Place – Vertexpusher

I love the detail and the grunge in Vertexpusher’s model.

by vertexpusher
on Sketchfab

3rd Place – Brett Eveleigh

While most entries were high-tech, Brett chose for a more natural model.

by Brett Eveleigh
on Sketchfab

– Bart


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