The winners of the October Unity Community Art Challenge are in!

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The Unity community has once again created some awesome game art for their monthly Art Challenge. October’s theme was ’the Island’ and that certainly sparked the imagination. Here are the winners! (Read on for this month’s theme).

First place: Turtle Island, by Nomad King

Turtle Island – Island Contest by NomadKing on Sketchfab

Second place: Flying Island, by constructidecepticon

Flying Island 001 by constructidecepticon on Sketchfab

Third place: Freshwater Island, by happs

freshwater_island by happs on Sketchfab

You can see the full list of entries for this contest in the Unity Community Art Challenge tag gallery.

Unity Community Art Challenge – November 2014 – The Magical Crate


This months Challenge is themed “The Magical Crate”. Most every game has crates! They are so essential yet often overlooked! Craft a “Crate” that makes a difference! Let your creativity flow and show us your version of a “Magical Crate”. Have a look at the various RPG games for inspiration and reference and then use your imagination to surprise us!

As a result we want to see a beautiful small Diorama/Turntable of your “Magical Crate”!

See the full announcement over at the Unity forum. Enjoy!

– Bart


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