These Sketchfab artists got their work featured by Blizzard!

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Are you dreaming of being noticed by the big game studios? Here’s how to do it!

We are working closely with more and more AAA studios, and when we spot good work in our community we always recommend it to them. Over the last few months, we suggested some super cool World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm fanart to Blizzard and they loved it! These models were featured prominently on their official Facebook pages and got hundreds of likes and tens of thousands of views.

The easiest way to get YOUR work noticed too is to make sure you add the right tags: we’re always scanning the tag galleries for the best new models. In this case, make sure you add tags like #wow, #heroesofthestorm and of course #blizzard!

If you’re not sure of the best tags to use, visit the Popular gallery, and enter the tags that you think could work. By browsing the related tags for each model you’ll get a great sense of which ones you should use.

For now, here are the six lucky artists who received a HUGE audience boost with their features:

Tim Moreels is a student at the Digital Arts & Entertainment department of the Belgian Howest school. When Blizzard featured him, he received an amazing 1,400 likes!

Ayhan Aydogan from San Francisco didn’t only create a great model, but he also wrote an in-depth Art Spotlight on its creation for us!

Robin Dao is a 3D environment artist living in California. He works for Warner Bros, but still manages to find time to create amazing characters like Mukmuk the Deep Sea Murloc. 1,000 likes? Not bad!

Sebastian Figueroa is Game Designer and 3D Artist from Vancouver, Canada. He cleverly used our beta animation feature to produce this walking ‘Wooden Horde’ orc! When Blizzard featured him, he collected a nice 35k views on his model 🙂

And our final featured artist is Riceart from Poland! Over 120 comments and 50 re-shares? Great job!!

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