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Here at Sketchfab you can usually find a handful of great examples of Sketchfab embedding on our internal chatbox. This is the stuff that makes us proud!

But guess what? You might never even see these unless we tell you about them! That had to change, so as of this week we will write a weekly roundup of what we think were the best examples of Sketchfab embedding.

Enjoy, and congrats to all the featured artists!

PS: if you’d like to be featured here next week, drop us a line.

Featured embed

Our featured embed of this week is ’Infested Marine’ by Nikolay Tsys. He’s using it on his Art Station portfolio to illustrate his Blizzardfest 2014 entry (embedding on Art Station is easy). Great work Nikolay!! Visit Nikolay’s portfolio on Sketchfab to see more of his work.

Other great embeds

The other embed that made our day this week were:

Did you know you can embed your sketchfab models anywhere on the web? Just click on the ‘Share’ button and copy the HTML code. Here is a list of platforms we’ve teamed up with, where it’s even easier!

See you next week!

– Bart


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