Three essentials for Back to the Future day

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Great Scott! We’re in the future! It’s October 21st, 2015. We may not have all the things we were promised, but we CAN explore them in 3D… and some of us can even use our VR goggles to do it!

First, hop in your Delorean…if you’ve got those VR goggles like Marty Jr., click play to see it in VR

Back To The Future Tribute – For Sketchfab
by Alejandro Santell
on Sketchfab

Grab a Pepsi Perfect…

Pepsi Perfect – Retour vers le futur
by Corentin3D
on Sketchfab

And don’t forget Marty!

Marty McFly
by 3D selfie
on Sketchfab

And if you’re wondering about your hoverboard…We’ve got you covered:

Hoverboard: Evolution in Personal Mobility
by hoverceo
on Sketchfab

Want more?Check out the whole Back to the Future gallery:

Back to the Future
by Sketchfab
on Sketchfab


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