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Header image, “Soul Of Cinder – Dark Souls 3 Boss Tilt Brush” by vrhuman

We love Tilt Brush at Sketchfab HQ, it’s the kind of tool that has made making content in 3D and VR so intuitive. And tools like these are the reason we started Sketchfab. So – needless to say – we’re excited to see so much great Tilt Brush art being uploaded by our community every day.

Today, the Tilt Brush team have released their 7.0 update via Steam. Among the amazing updates contained in the latest release including model import, the folks at Google VR have worked to improve the FBX functionality to export files that better represent the artwork you’ve created in VR.

In collaboration with the team, we’ve gone ahead and improved our FBX import process to automatically detect Tilt Brush files and set up some basic parameters to get you started.

We’ve added “Additive” transparency to better mirror Tilt Brush materials output. We also now detect luminance textures and activate the bloom and filmic tone mapping post-processing filters by default. Finally we set the default background to black to match the Tilt Brush creative environment. All to better represent the artwork you’ve worked hard to create in VR

Of course, our 3D settings allow you to tweak your creations further including assigning materials from Tilt Brush’s FBX export, increasing bloom (or glow), adjusting colors and more.

Unfortunately we do not yet support Tilt Brush’s animated brushes. Currently any brush on the first two “pages” is supported, excepting “wire.” But rest assured, we’ll continue to work with the Google VR team to improve export/import features with future releases.

To learn more about uploading your Tilt Brush models to Sketchfab, check out our tutorial and don’t forget to tag your work #tiltbrush to be featured in our official Tilt Brush gallery.

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Paul Chambers

Artist Evangelist & Community outreach at Sketchfab, freelance CG Generalist, render-farm tinkerer. Zelda worshipper.


  • Mike says:

    Yes! Awesome updates.

  • George Q says:

    This is awesome! Im just wondering if i could illustrate a landscape and export it as a .mov file from tilt brush and add audio recording as a story in adobe premiere then export from there so i can upload it as a final rendition on aws to stream on my current x code app project the landscape would not have to move i would just create a different scene like flipping through a book while the audio places with the caption when the person is emerge in a 360 enviroment. is that possible?

  • All possible George, but also stay tuned for some upcoming news from us around “audio.” Shhh… can’t say more right now 😉

  • Devin Marble says:

    Hi Paul,
    I am having the opposite issue. I would like to import SketchFab models into Tiltbrush. I am running into so many issues getting the textures to import, all the models I load are grey. Doesn’t matter if it’s a .obj, .fbx, .gltf, there seems to be a hidden barrier. I am working with TiltSupport on this but any info or dieas would be helpful. -Devin

  • Hi Devin – do you have the same issue when you import textures 3D models you have obtained from other sources / created yourself?

  • Andreas says:

    There are still so many aspects of Tilt Brush, that do not “survive” the export to Sketchfab.
    It is really disheartening to create something and not being able to present it to a wider audience in a way that comes close to the visual qualities of the original. and I don’t mean the impact VR-glasses have on the presentation, but just getting colors/bloom/fog/… right.

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