Time lapse: Spaceship design using Zbrush

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Igor Puškarić is a 2D/3D generalist, 3Dartist, Texture artist, concept artist and an animator from Croatia. He publishes amazing spaceship models here on Sketchfab as Iggy-Design and I recently ran into a time lapse video where he shows how he does his hard surface modeling in ZBrush.

Igor says about this model:

This particular model in my Zbrush mindflow video was meant for an animated feature movie called “Koberon” as a proof of concept. One of the alien races had a certain culture and my job was designing their aerial ships that had their role in the story.

Unfortunately the project failed in the beginning of the development and nothing ever came out of it,but since they couldnt pay me,I got to keep all the designs I made for them.

This has helped me greatly in latter self-promotion, years later and in the strangest ways. A strange twist of destiny some might say.. 🙂

Enjoy his time lapse:

And here’s the final result on Sketchfab:

Thanks Igor!

You can read more about Igor in this recent interview on CGTrader, and you can his work on his Sketchfab profile, on deviantArt or in his CGTrader shop.

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