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We’re pleased to announce that Trnio Plus, a mobile 3D scanning app, now offers direct export to Sketchfab.

Trnio Plus is the most recent evolution of Trnio and utilizes the camera and LiDAR sensors on select iOS devices to generate scans. This new app uses cloud-based processing to convert image and LiDAR data into textured 3D scans or point clouds. Users can capture and edit their scans within Trnio Plus and then export the edited scans directly to their Sketchfab accounts.

Currently, Trnio Plus is available for the iPhone 6s and newer. Users with LiDAR-enabled iOS devices (e.g., iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPad Pro) will be able to take advantage of the app’s LiDAR scanning capabilities.

How to export from Trnio Plus to Sketchfab

  1. From the Trnio Plus homepage, click on the three-bar Menu on the top right of your screen. Then press “Settings” and go to “Linked Accounts”, then press “Sketchfab”. This will bring you to a login page, where you can then log into your Sketchfab account within the Trnio Plus app.
  2. Create your scans. There are plenty of tutorials in the Trnio Plus app and on the Trnio website to guide you on this process.
    After you have created a scan that you love, you can customize it in the Trnio Plus in-app editor. You can navigate to the Trnio Editor by clicking on your scan to enter the scan viewer, then clicking “Edit” on the top right of your screen. You can align and trim your scan here, as well as add a background color, all of which will be uploaded with your scan onto Sketchfab.
    To add or edit a description for a scan, you can click on the three dots on the top right of your scan in List Mode, or long press in Grid Mode to find the “Edit Description” page. You can also enter your description in the Sketchfab Export page.
  3. Upload your scan to Sketchfab by pressing the three dots on the top right of your scan in List Mode, or long pressing on your scan in Grid Mode, clicking “Export Scan” and choosing Sketchfab. You’ll see the “Sketchfab Export” page come up, where you can edit your scan’s title, description, and tags right in the app. You can also decide if you want to carry over your background color to Sketchfab with the toggle option, and you can choose if you’d like your scan to be saved as a draft or published on your Sketchfab profile. Then click “Send to Sketchfab”.
  4. Review your model in Sketchfab and make any edits as necessary.

To see all apps that offer direct export to Sketchfab, check out our Exporters page.

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