#TuesdayGaming : Have a look at Splee & Glob, now on Steam Greenlight!

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Today we talk with Frame6 studios team, who’s developing Splee & Glob, a mix between Action RTS and Tower Defense that can be played in co-op (2 players). You control two characters (Splee and Glob) to protect a bizarre monster-inhabited world from an incoming robot invasion. Splee & Glob is currently on Steam Greenlight 

Have a look at Splee & Glob trailer here :

Hi Dominik, what’s up at Frame6 studios ?

We’re currently looking for a publisher for SPLEE & GLØB and there are some other smaller releases in the pipeline.
Also we’re doing a lot of contract work for a whole spectrum of different companies, like asset creation, trailers and marketing to keep the cash flow going.

Your have a small team, who usually takes decisions or suggests ideas ?

Our team just consists of four people and when it comes to new ideas everyone is involved at the beginning. There are new ideas for games all the time while we’re working, so when you have some free time or you’re driving home by train, you use that time to write your ideas down and keep it in mind. A Game-Jam is also a beautiful time to try out ideas, or to come up with one.

You made a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, but unfortunately it wasn’t successful. How did it help ?

Ah yeah, the Crowdfunding . Even if you fail on a Campaign like we did, you can still show the game to the world and get a little attention out there. We had great Reviews and Let’s Plays. Of course, if the campaign is successful you are really relieved till you’ve finished the production, because you don’t have to worry about financing and even marketing, because your Game has already been seen by a great number of people.

What software are you using to build Splee & Glob ?  

For 3D Stuff we’re using Blender, it’s really a great piece of software, it has great customization possibilities and the community is awesome! For texture creation we’re using xNormal, the Quixel Suite and of course Photoshop. Our engine of choice is Unity.

You’re using Sketchfab to showcases your game’s characters, what do you think of it ? 

It’s great to implement your 3D designs into a webpage and show it to everyone, without having to build a low-res gif or screenshots etc. There are so many talented people out there and now they can showcase their stuff to the crowd, it’s awesome.

A word for our community ?

If you want to start developing video games, you have to do it with all your heart. There can and normally there will be really tough times and you won’t stand a chance if you don’t believe in yourself and the idea your doing. 


Thank’s guys, looking forward to playing with your game !

– Jc


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