#TUESDAYGAMING Meet Radial-G team who successfully passed Steam Greenlight !

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Hello Tammeka studios, welcome on board !

As Radial-G Racing Revolved has recently successfully passed Steam Greenlight, we wanted to know more about you.


For those who don’t know Radial-G yet, it’s a futuristic arcade racer, in the tradition of F-Zero or Wipeout. And it’s also VR ready. Could you tell how readers how was born Radial-G ?

We’re all racing game mad in the studio, with some of the team members having worked on AAA racing game titles previously, such as Split/Second, Extreme G 2 and Moto GP, so deciding to create a racing game as our first title was an easy decision to make. We’re all also massive fans of futuristic racers, such as wipeout and F-Zero, so this is where we wanted the game direction to go.

Can you tell more about the journey of Radial-G ? Any difficulties during the development ?

Our main problem has been to get the larger games press to pay attention to us. Not easy to get coverage when you are an indie and not funded. Lots of press aren’t interested in Kickstarter campaigns and will only give you coverage once you have funding secured and an expected release date for them to focus on. We were lucky to grasp an eager community for virtual reality content with the hype around Oculus Rift at the right time. VR feature definitely increased our coverage and reach more easily than most.

How do you think virtual reality could transform the way we play video games in the future ?

We’re on record stating that we believe VR is here to stay this time and is the future of gaming, and we stand behind this 100%. It’s a very exciting time to be developing games for these new display and interaction technologies, offering the sort of sci-fi reality that once seemed impossible. We struggle to play “2D” games now (on a standard monitor / TV) as it just doesn’t seem as much fun, immersive or involved as when you are actually sat inside your futuristic cockpit.

Not easy being an indie game studio today, how important are fundings for you ?

We’ve worked for larger AAA games companies previously and seen a lot of time and money get wasted on nerf guns and frivolous things that we don’t have available to us as indies. Every penny counts and we operate a very streamlined process to maximise our time and effort. We’ve also spent many hours previously in crunch, working late at night, burning both ends to get a title out the door. This is something that we want to avoid at Tammeka Games, its unhealthy and unnecessary when a project is managed effectively and efficiently. We don’t want to burn the team out, which is one of the benefits of not having a publisher leaning over us, cracking the whip and making unrealistic demands.

A word for future game developers ?

Always remember to have fun! A lot of new developers start out making life difficult for themselves with this expectation that it has to be hard work and they have to spend every waking hour, even avoiding sleeping, to get a project done. This isn’t what the industry should be about, we don’t want to create a generation of burnt out developers who walk away from the industry before they are 30 because they’ve had enough of long, sleepless nights, missing their friends and family. You will often see indie developers boasting about how long they have been up working on their game. It’s not a competition to see who can keel over first, there is nothing clever about making yourself ill without reason. Go with the flow and see where you end up and enjoy the ride along the way!


Here at Sketchfab we think that shareable 3D content is definitely something indie devs should look into, what do you think ?

Shareable content is always welcome and anything that adds feature value to the development process is a boon. Online asset stores are great for creating scenes quickly without effort and pain, especially for people starting out and learning their way. It allows them to focus on what they want to achieve without worrying about having to master all aspects of design and development. Further down the line, then they can start creating and using their own assets, but with shared content, you can learn how others do it and better your own abilities as a result.

Thank you guys for this little talk, we appreciate it.

We wish you all the best with Radial-G !

– @Jc


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