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We recently had a chat with Fishing Cactus studios, a Belgian video game development studio founded in 2008 by four experienced AAA talents, from the ashes of 10Tacle (Totems, Urban Race). On top of traditional games Fishing Cactus also develops Serious Games and Advergames for a wide array of platforms. Their current flagship titles are Creatures Online and Algo-Bot.

# Good morning guys ! Could you tell our readers what’s going on at Fishing Cactus studios right now ? What is your latest news ?

Well, there are several titles in production at Fishing Cactus but unfortunately these games are work-for-hire and we can’t tell much about it. Except Creatures Online who’s really close to the end of the development and Algo-Bot who’s waiting to be released on beta version on Steam.

# Serious gaming is a ground-breaking concept tool brought to enhance education and training through video gaming. Can you tell us more about this kind of games? What can we learn with Algo-Bot?

Sure! In “serious game”, there’s the word “game”. At Fishing Cactus we engineer fun. We strive to challenge the way you consider serious games. In fact, we strongly believe that serious games are a new form of training, a Generation Y approach to training, based on gamification, constant interactivity and fun.

Serious games are designed to train in an entertaining way, leading the user to retain a maximum of information during repeated sessions without the genuine off-putting reaction of more traditional training methods. Algo-Bot is one of these games. In Algo-Bot you can learn the logic behind programming: simple concepts such as the loops, the variables or even the functions. When you get the logic, it’s easier to learn how to program.


# The world of gaming development seems to be challenging, how long is the journey to make a game and release it to the world?

It depends of the game. You can make a 20k game in two month like you can make a million dollars’ game in 3 years. It depends on the game and the game oftenly depends on the money you have to develop it. A game cost a lot a money.

# What are the main problems you encounter today in the development of your latest games?

I would say again: Money! We didn’t have enough money to finish the development so we launch a Kickstarter but it wasn’t successful. Now, we decided to release that beta version we have of Algo-Bot on Steam and continue to develop it by ourselves.

# Can you tell our readers what is the vision of Fishing Cactus studio? Are you looking to instaure video games at school?

It’s a big thing and we are sure that other people share that dream with us but it’s not easy to do. Definitely we’ll enjoy more video games at school. Video games that teach things of course!

# Sketchfab released some features recently, like the possibility to set your models downloadable, so that users can use your assets for their game for instance. What do you think of this?

We think it’s great both for Indies who doesn’t have an Art team and for artists who want to share their talent and be part of something.

Thank you for your time guys, we appreciate it. Keep up with the good work !

See Algo-Bot trailer :



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